Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Detroit PD Denied Decent Dependable Directors

In yet another tawdry example that responsible adults are just not running the City of Detroit, we have the latest scandal to emerge.

It is alleged that Detroit's Top Cop can't keep it in his pants. Do note he's a replacement for the previous chief who was also having, shall we say, a departmental internal affair.

The Detroit News: Warren Evans criticizes Bing over Godbee suspension

The city's former top cop has lashed out on social media over Mayor Dave Bing's decision Tuesday to place Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. on paid suspension as allegations swirled over the chief's involvement in a love triangle.

Warren Evans was replaced as chief in 2010 by Godbee after Evans' personal life came into question. He was asked by Bing that year to resign over a video for a proposed television show, along with a number of complaints about Evans' girlfriend, Police Lt. Monique Patterson.

It was also then when Evans' attorney showed city officials a series of sexually charged messages Godbee sent to Patterson, with whom he also had a romantic relationship.

Patterson, who remains on the force, was represented two years ago by the same attorney now speaking on behalf of Officer Angelica Robinson. Detroit Police sources told The Detroit News on Tuesday that Robinson, an internal affairs officer, has had her department-issued weapon confiscated and was sent for a mental evaluation out of concern for her welfare after she learned of Godbee's alleged involvement with another woman in a new scandal.

You may need to read that again and indeed the entire article to keep track of all the players in this love quadrilateral at the top of the DPD.

Do these people use the Jerry Springer Show as a how-to guide for personal relationships?

There is some irony that the last two Detroit police chiefs, both former and current are/were having affairs with people in internal affairs.

You would think that even before, but certainly once you get appointed chief of a major (Ok, Detroit is in rapid decline but still major-like) metropolitan police force you will have learned to keep it in your pants and not to have affairs with underlings. Such goings-on are never good for force discipline or morale. It's also not good for your own morality, especially in one of the two chief's situations above you're married and apparently a minister to boot.

Putting Detroit into bankruptcy or an EFM and having competent and mature adults put in charge of this clown show really can't come soon enough.


Scott said...

Just when you think they can't sink any lower...

Aaron said...

Oh, they can sink lower, they certainly can.