Friday, October 05, 2012

Reality and History Were Never The Arabists' Strong Suits

But this takes the cake. (via Transterrestial Musings, Via Meadia: Archbishop Tutu: Please, Apologize to the Jews:

But there was something the Free Gaza Movement didn’t tell the archbishop: its co-founder and board chair is a Jew-hater named Greta Berlin who uses the organization as a platform form which to spread the ugliest anti-Semitic legends and, literally, Nazi propaganda and lies.

The Free Gaza Movement wants you to think that it is a group of humanitarians stirred to action by Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. But Berlin is something much nastier: a conscious propagandist of anti-Semitic hate — the kind of person with whom no Christian clergyman can associate himself in a common cause without causing grave scandal and harm.

On Sunday, the Free Gaza Movement posted this on its Twitter Feed: “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews” with a link to this awful video.

Wow, just wow, and Desmond Tutu is busy endorsing these nutcase Tranzis.

Accusing Jews of being Nazis is quite the way to whitewash the quite intimate associations and support of the Arabs for the holocaust, not to mention the Arab's and Islamists desire for a repeat performance, now isn't it?

But that's not all, apparently the Free Gaza Movement are quite the kindred spirits with the Nazis:

The film endorsed and linked in the tweet got another link — on the Facebook page Greta Berlin. She was so in love with this nastiness that she wanted to share it with her friends.

But this doesn’t exhaust the pro-Nazi activities of this “humanitarian” movement. The Free Gaza Movement is also touting an anti-Semitic film actually produced under the Propaganda Ministry of Joseph Goebbels during the Third Reich itself: a Nazi propaganda film on the Katyn massacre that tried to whip up hatred against Communists and Jews. And here, too, Greta Berlin, that exquisite connoisseur of cinema and tender-hearted lover of mankind, was so thrilled with this Goebbels’ hard-hitting investigative journalism and fearless proclamation of the truth that she posted a link to a download on her Facebook account.

Think about the cognitive dissonance revealed by that one: the head of the Free Gaza Movement posits the Nazis were Jews, yet at the same time heartily endorses a propaganda film by the Nazis that is anti-Jewish.

Rather like the typical Arab Holocaust denier - "it didn't happen, but Hitler didn't kill all the Jews and we'll finish the job".

It's always instructive when the Tranzi mask slips and the real evil underneath is revealed for all to see.


ProudHillbilly said...

In fairness, that seems to be a mistake.

But Arabists, even well meaning ones, have no grasp of history. The world had a pause in Islamist invasion from 1699 until the 1970s. This is just the same thing plus modern weaponry.

Aaron said...

Apparently Tutu has a track record for this kind of thing so its likely not accidental.

At best its just some kindred spirits without his fully knowing the full depth of their depravity, or he knew and approved.

The FGM's actions definitely were on purpose.