Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Glockingly Good Educational Pursuits

Since I should always strive to challenge myself and learn new things, I decided to do something different with my day today.

In short, after an excellent all-day class, I'm now a certified Glock Armorer.

Full report to follow.


Keads said...

Congrats! BTDT. Nothing like beating on a pistol you don't own to learn!

Aaron said...


Yes, it was indeed fun hammering away at the rather pre-worn pistol I had to work with until I had it all down smoothly.

Importantly, in addition to all the useful knowledge gained, I learned that spring cups can achieve escape velocity at the least provocation.

MSgt B said...


Public admission of your problem is the first step to recovery.

Now go buy a Ruger.

Nyah Nyah

Aaron said...

MSgt B:

I'm already really well acquainted with expanding my vocabulary during reassembly of my Ruger Mark II. :-)

MSgt B said...


I love it.