Sunday, October 07, 2012

Dive 224 In Union Lake With Murphy's Law and Rob

With all the sadness, bereavement, responsibility and difficulties he had to deal with this week, Murphy's Law desperately needed an opportunity to chill out.

And what better way to chill then to dive into a nice cool lake?

So Murphy's Law decided to get in a dive with me while he was here (his description of the dive is here).

Since he didn't bring any gear in his dash here, I was happy to provide a single tank setup, and our favorite local dive shop had a wetsuit and a full aluminum 80 tank ready to go.

We geared up and headed into Union Lake this morning, meeting up with Rob at the lake.

Murphy also hadn't brought his diving foot so we were able to get some cable ties from another diver and tie off the unused wetsuit leg to keep it from flopping around.

It didn't slow him down at all, and the neon colors helped us keep track of him. Well, that and the silt cloud he kicked up...So we generally kept him in between the two of us on the dive.

Here he is between the two of us, Rob in front and me acting as tail end charlie:

Later, while playing "Where's Murph?" he's caught in both our light beams:

Visibility wasn't great with lots of particulate in the water so the pictures and the view in general wasn't great.

We made it to the photocopier boat, where Murphy then tried to make some copies while he had the opportunity.

It started getting rather silty around the boat, so the pic quality if anything got worse. Here's a shot of me taken by Murph:

Murph, about mid way through the swim, decided he was getting hungry so he grabbed a snack, and the potential snack was not amused.

Yes, that is one big lake crayfish.

Murphy enjoyed getting out and playing around in three dimensions. Here he is head down and fin up in the lake.

Having had enough fun keeping track of Murph in the water, Rob signaled an end to the dive and we headed back through the weeds to our entry point.

Here's a parting shot of Murph heading for the surface:

A relatively short 27 minute dive, we hit a max depth on the dive of 34 feet, and the water temp was 58 degrees.

It was a darn good dive. We then went out for the traditional post-dive drinks.

It was great to see Murph get out and relax after what was a terrible, horrible, no-good week. We had a great time diving, the water wasn't too cold yet for the wetsuit he wore, and he moved around underwater just fine on one fin.

Next Great Lakes dive season, he's definitely coming up here and we'll do some big wrecks under better times and in happier circumstances.

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