Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween Pumpkin Blogging

The kids have costumes selected.

Candy is stocked and ready to be handed out to the roving packs of trick-or-treaters that will infest our street Wednesday night.

Tonight was the night for pumpkin preparation.

Step 1. Perform a pumpkin lobotomy by slicing open the top of the skull and removing the brains (seeds and pumpkin guts):

The kids had fun with this stage, reaching in and pulling out the guts and separating the seeds for cleaning and later roasting.

Step 2. Carve the eyes and nose. This year the kids wanted scary but cute:

Step 3. Carve the mouth - all in one piece please:

Step 4. Proof of concept. Light 'er up, let 'er rip:

One Jack O' Lantern complete and ready for All Hallow's eve.

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