Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Syrias About Truces

The Detroit Free Press: Syria truce collapse shows limits of diplomacy

The U.N. tried to broker a halt to fighting over the four-day Eid al-Adha Muslim feast that began on Friday, one of the holiest times of the Islamic calendar. But the truce was violated almost immediately after it was supposed to take effect, the same fate other cease-fires in Syria have met.

Interestingly some international idiots are trying to spin this as the United States fault:

The U.S., meanwhile, is averse to sending strategic weapons to help the rebels break the battlefield stalemate, fearing they will fall into the hands of militant Islamists, who are increasingly active in rebel ranks. [See Benghazi as Exhibit A as to why that fear is well founded]

"There has been a lack of desire to take the tough decisions," said [Salman] Shaikh [director of the Brookings Doha Center think tank].

"In Washington, they've only been focused on the narrow political goal of their own elections, trying to convince a war-wary public inside the U.S. that we are actually disengaging from the conflicts of the Middle East," he said.

But wait, I thought they were all for a nice multi-polar world with America not acting like a cowboy and all that?

At least they didn't pin the blame on Israel for it. The again ,its rather hard to make Israel look like the bad guy in the region when Syria can blithely kill 35,000 of its own citizens without causing much of an uproar among the likely suspects in the UN and elsewhere.

Another video showed destruction inside the Sheikh Moussa mosque in Harasta. Windows and doors were blown out, glass and debris scattered across the mosque's floor. The narrator broke down as he was heard saying: "Where are the Muslims? Our mosques are being bombed and no one cares."

When its Muslims doing it to other Muslims, the world yawns. It just doesn't fit the narrative of the Muslims as the poor leftist proletariat being oppressed by capitalist colonialist Israelis or Americans as the case may be.

You won't see much if any activity on campuses about Syria's genocidal campaign against its own people, nor a national conference for activism against Syria and other Arab dictators' homicidal tendencies against their own people.

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