Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Really, Stop Playing With It In Public.

In yet another demonstration that you should not play with your firearm, another person has managed to shoot themselves in the leg.

The Detroit News: Pontiac man reaches into pocket, shoots self in thigh

A Pontiac man accidentally shot himself in the thigh while reaching into his pocket for his handgun, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

Deputies said the man, 25, drove himself to McLaren Hospital after the incident, which occurred at 5:49 p.m. Sunday in the 300 block of Nelson. Police said the man tried to pull the gun out of his pocket as he arrived at his home and forgot it was cocked.

Yet again folks, the solution is simple: Don't play with it. Don't try to take it out of your pocket while in a vehicle for no good reason, keep your finger off the trigger when touching the firearm, and use a pocket holster at the very least.

His statement that he forgot it was cocked makes me believe he tried to get some in pocket trigger time or was manipulating the trigger at the time of removal, and it ended badly.

Be careful while carrying and remember Rule 2 should not be treated as an optional suggestion.

If you're carrying in a pocket, use a pocket holster that can be removed with the firearm to prevent such negligent discharges. The thighs and other parts co-located there that you save may be your own.


ProudHillbilly said...

Tried out an inside the waistband holster with my glock the other day - very fail. Because I thought for sure it was going to cause me to shoot myself in the arse.

Keads said...

Good counsel Sir! I always say if it is coming out of the holster and I am not at home, a loud noise will quickly follow.

Aaron said...

PH: Try a good quality Kydex holster and practice first with an unloaded firearm and re-holster slowly. I'd highly recommend NTAC, Blade-Tech, Sidearmor and The MIC holster also works surprisingly well as a very minimalist but safe holster.

Keads: Yep, you don't draw unless you can articulate why you felt under imminent threat of one of the big 3. It may not (and hopefully won't) end in a shot being fired, but it just doesn't come out for show and tell or any lesser reason.

ProudHillbilly said...

Thanks for the recomendations - the one I tried was a freebie that came with the gun and it would neither hold the waistband or belt as it was supposed to.