Friday, October 12, 2012

The Union And The Bridge Owner

It's Baptists and Bootleggers Michigan Style as Ambassador Bridge Owner Matty Maroun bankrolls the UAW's job killing Proposal 2 in return for UAW member votes on Proposal 6.

Proposal 2 will enshrine Unions - both public and private - and collective bargaining in the Michigan Constitution and trump numerous laws and send us into the union-infested dark ages. basically it will drastically tilt the scales in favor of Unions, reducing even further Michigan's appeal as a place for businesses to come and employ people.

Proposal 6 will require a public vote before any international crossing could be built, slowing down commerce and the Michigan economy and leaving a main international trade artery and profits under the control of Maroun.

Vote No on both.

While you're at it, Vote YES on 1 and NO on 2,3,4,5 and 6 - good descriptions of each of these execrable proposals and the reasons for voting NO on 2-6 are presented here.

The Detroit Free Press: UAW, Moroun said to be allies in battle to block new U.S.-Canada bridge

The UAW and Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun are discussing a deal that calls for the billionaire to pump cash into a labor-sponsored ballot initiative in exchange for the union's support for a Moroun-backed campaign to block a new international bridge from Detroit to Windsor, according to a senior auto executive and several local political leaders.

Note that the UAW is sacrificing what will be a lot of good paying and most undoubtedly union construction jobs on the bridge in return for money up front to bolster their position long-term even as such a measure will make Michigan far less employer and hence employment friendly.

Maroun, of course, is probably harming his companies in the long-term, assuming there's a union presence there, in return for the union's support to block competition to his Ambassador Bridge and thus maintain his monopoly power.

Both proposals are bad for the public, who will be the ones really bearing the costs if Proposals 2 and 6 pass.

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