Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Successful Doughnuts With Dad Morning

Unlike the let down of the PTO organized one, today's Doughnuts with Dad Day went off without a hitch.

We all got up, and the kids were all excited. So I SS'd, then we got dressed, made a cup of coffee for Tash who elected to stay behind and piled in the car. We headed to our local Tim Horton's, parked and headed in. Guess what? Tim Horton's did indeed have doughnuts, and coffee.

Considering that Tim Horton's has the ne plus ultra of doughnut shop doughnuts and coffee, it was destined for us to have great doughnuts and great coffee.

So we headed up to the counter and the girls picked out their morning doughnuts. They each also got a cup of hot chocolate to match dad's cup coffee. Then we sat down at a table and had a nice father-daughter time, and we got to talk about all the exciting things they're up to at school in a nice unhurried fashion.

They declared it the best doughnuts with dad day ever, so I'll chalk that one up as a win.


Expatriate Owl said...

If the public school system can botch something as simple as a "Doughnuts with Dad" function, then what can they do with the matter of educating the children?

[Though, if truth be told, the Jewish day schools (and, I am informed, the Catholic parochial schools) are certainly not low-maintenance for the parents. And neither is the home schooling option.].

Bottom line: Parenting cannot be subcontracted out to the schools or the PTAs/PTOs, but must be personally done by the individual parents.

Neither you nor the girls will regret your little "Doughnuts with Dad" excursion.

Aaron said...

Yep, looks like it is the start of a new tradition for our household.

Scott said...

Exp. Owl is correct - proper education for your kids is not a low-maintenance endeavor for parents. I think it is also true that the more involved the parents are, the better educated their kids will be.

We went the home education route with ours, and although my wife has had days (weeks? months?) where she wanted to put them in public schools, the results she has gotten are terrific. Our kids *worst* score is at grade level on the standardized tests they have taken over the years.

Aaron - you're doing it right, my friend! Just make sure you do the "Coffee with Mom" thing too! She will appreciate it.