Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turning 9 Is Just Fine

This morning Abby woke us up at 0600, 'cause long weekend be darned, this was her birthday!

Turning 9 is a very exciting time and she has all sorts of things going on today to celebrate.

By her request, breakfast consisted of Natasha's finest cherry cheesecake accompanied by candles and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

She then received her present, an iPod Touch. She's a hi-tech gal, and Tash vetoed me buying her a Walther P22 so an iPod it is.

I've now spent the better part of the morning battling the iPod into behaving and the battle isn't over yet. If only Apple would let kids have their own AppleIDs it would be a lot simpler. Instead, I'm trying to sync it through my Itunes ID but making sure it just gets her music choices and not my stuff nor my work applications, nor let it mess up my iPhone. So far its taking forever to sync all of 73 songs and we're still waiting. I'll get it done though.

She's off with mom to the mall to pick out a protective case for it, then we're meeting up later to go out to a restaurant she picked and have a celebratory dinner.

365 days until she hits double digits.....where did the time go?

Happy Birthday kid.


eiaftinfo said...

Our daughter was 9 "yesterday". This Thanksgiving we celebrated with her, her husband and 3 kids at her in-laws home. Time goes so much quicker than folks can imagine.

Enjoy the day! She'll be ready for the Walther soon enough!!


Murphy's Law said...

Awwww...Happy 9th birthday to a most precocious and enchanting girl.

And any time that you want my help sneaking that pistol past Natasha like we did all those other guns she said that you couldn't buy...well just let me know and I'm there for ya.

Murphy's Law said...

Uh...Natasha doesn't read this blog, does she?

Keads said...

Happy Birthday to Abby! I hope ML did not compromise OPSEC!

Aaron said...

ML: Tash has been known to montor this blog. KGB/FSB has got nothin' on her.

Keads: No OPSEC harmed because of course, there has been no such activity - no way, no when, no how.