Monday, November 19, 2012

PaliWood, PaliLies and PaliJournos

Over at Legal Insurrection Professor Jacobsen points out multiple instances of the latest lies from Hamas and how the media is falling for it - including the dead kid photo that was blamed on Israel and actually was killed due to a Hamas rocket having a premature explosion, and how the media center in Gaza has been shielding Hamas operatives.

Worth a read, and given the sheer number of Hamas propaganda lies already spotted, including their constantly using photos from Syria and trying to pass them off as Gaza, expect more to come.

This kind of crude lies and propaganda will continue until the western media deals at least as suspiciously with claims and photos by Hamas as they do claims and photos from Republicans.


Six said...

Israel must be feeling awfully alone at the moment. I wonder if the IDF is signing up any old veterans.

Murphy's Law said...

This media couldn't even report on our own election fairly and accurately. You expect them to report fair on that?

And if Six goes to Israel, I'm going, too.

Aaron said...

They do have the Sar-El program, but it is non-combatant service only.

Great program - I got to work on a tank base, tour the interior of a Merkava, see some on a live-fire maneuver, and even get out and shoot a Galil, and get a bit of a tour of the country which was fun. Mostly it was a fair bit of work but really worthwhile, important and with a truly great and impressive bunch of people.

I'd do it again. -If we decide to do a group trip, I'd coordinate it.

As to the media, yeah I don't expect any better, and indeed expect them to get worse.