Thursday, September 01, 2011

WBPD officers, unlike the IMPD, don't drive drunk, but do chaffeur some who do

Unlike Tam's IMPD, West Bloomfield Officers don't drive impaired.

However, under some circumstances, they give those who are allegedly impaired rides home rather than arrest them.

At least they do if you happen to be the Township Supervisor's husband.

The Detroit Free Press: Officer suspended, West Bloomfield in uproar over lenient traffic stop of supervisor's husband

A West Bloomfield Township police officer was suspended Monday as officials investigate a traffic stop in which the officer pulled over the husband of Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste, performed a blood-alcohol test and drove him home.
The PBT at the roadside allegedly showed he was at .11, however no blood test or station test was done and he was driven home.

The Township Supervisor was also in the car, and I'm sure that had nothing at all to do with the results of the stop being a ride home rather than a ride to a cell.

Average Joes, or even Jalen Rose don't receive such lenient treatment.

In West Bloomfield, some impaired are more equal than others, and now that this has come to light the officer gets all of a five day suspension.

The plot further thickens when it turns out the reason for the officer lettign this one slide was that he worried about a millage for the police not being approved if he arrested the Supervisor's husband. Now, I wonder who gave him that concern?
The officer was suspended Monday, the same day the Township board -- including the supervisor -- voted to approve a three-year police department contract. The department had been working without a contract since December.

Earlier in the summer, the board agreed to place a millage request on the November ballot, asking for 2.85 mills to fund public safety.

Patton said the officer cited that millage when confronted about the traffic stop.

"He was worried about the millage," the chief said the officer stated.

The officer has been on the force for three years, Diamond said today.
I suspect that this officer got placed in a no-win situation and the five day suspension was a wrist slap for getting caught out.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors have decided that Mr. Economou can't be charged due to a lack of evidence as conveniently no blood test or station test was performed.

The Economous deny he was drunk and claim he was just tired and are now claiming they've been defamed by the incident.

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