Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Diver Down

The Detroit Free Press: Canadian, U.S. officials search water near Blue Water Bridge for missing diver

Canadian and U.S. rescuers continue to search for a diver missing from near the Blue Water Bridge since Monday afternoon.

An instructor and two students went into the Canadian side of the St. Clair River near the Blue Water Bridge Monday afternoon, and only two of the three men resurfaced, U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Justin Westmiller said today.
The St. Clair River can have lousy visibility and strong currents, not to mention lake freighter traffic coming through to add to the difficulties of the diving there.

Let's hope this ends with a rescue rather than a recovery, but after having searched this long it looks like the authorities are moving into the recovery phase.

Update:  It is now confirmed that the body recovered in the St. Clair River is Winelmus Bardoel, 48, the missing diver from Ingersol, Ontario. RIP.  Not the hoped-for ending to the situation.

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