Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your Life May Exist Just So You Can Receive A Darwin Award....

Findlaw: Police: Pa. man may have drowned trying to get gun

Police in Massachusetts say a Pennsylvania man with rope, a pulley, a flashlight attached to a headband and glow sticks may have drowned in a river while trying to retrieve a gun.

Haverhill (HAY'-vruhl) police say divers found a Glock semiautomatic pistol Wednesday in the Merrimack River. It was near the spot where the body of 30-year-old Matthew Bleistein of Lancaster, Pa., was found suspended by a rope around his waist on Saturday.

Investigators think Bleistein used with the rope and pulley to hoist himself over a wall
Doesn't sound like he thought through the plan too well now does it?


Murphy's Law said...

I could see that for a nice 1911 or a Hi-Power maybe, but a Glock? Nah.

PS: write your Congressman in support of war on Canada.

Aaron said...

Not until next year. Then it can be a do-over for the War of 1812 on its anniversary.

Murphy's Law said...

War. War! WAR!!!!