Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who is this Jalen Rose person and why should I care?

So I was going to the 48th District Court this morning on a motion and as I entered the parking lot I found it packed, complete with three TV crew vans and camerman and reporters milling about.

One would think there was a high profile murder arraignment or something similar going on.

It turns out that the focus of the feeding frenzy, Jalen Rose is a former University of Michigan and NBA star who was involved in a single-vehicle accident after drinking 6 martinis and veering off the road in the snow. He plead guilty and was set to be sentenced today.

So I did my motion and left the circus behind.

Given that Mr. Rose is set to come in front of Judge Kimberly Small, a judge well known for hammering drunk drivers, I expect he's going to be looking at some jail time and heavy fines, not to mention being an example pour encourager les autres.

Some people's lives are lived as an example to others of what not to do, and drunk driving in West Bloomfield tends to be heavily penalized, unlike Detroit for example.

Drinking 6 martinis and then getting into an automobile is behavior to be avoided not emulated.

Update: And he gets 20 days in jail after having 73 days of the 93 day sentence suspended Not a bad amount of time, considering the pressure the judge was under to be lenient on him from such luminaries as Detroit Mayor David Bing and the Detroit Free Press with its uncannily timely coverage of the differences in sentencing for drunk driving around the southeast Michigan / Detroit area.


Scott said...

Former UM basketball player and part of the formerly fabled (and now disgraced) "Fab Five" who cheated their way into national prominence.

Scott said...

Oh, sorry - forgot to answer the second part of your question: "why should I care".

Well, let's see, umm, well there's that isn't. Ahh! He's a, that doesn't work either. Hmmm.

I'm sorry. I can't think of anything.