Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Shoot Cars, Don't They?

Not in Kingman, Arizona, at least not anymore.

Findlaw: AZ Man Gets 90 Days Jail for Shooting His Car That Wouldn't Start

[Lauriano Lawrence]Lovato went out to his car at around 9 a.m. in April and tried to start up his car, reports the Daily Miner.

But alas, it did not start. And in what was probably a fit of a rage - or at least a fit of frustration - Lovato shot his car twice. The shots went through the windshield and into the car's dashboard. And, guess what: Lovato's actions actually set off a SWAT team standoff.

Neighbors heard the sound of the gunshots, who reported it to the police. Police arrived at the scene and found some bullet casings, reports the Daily Miner.

Shots fired, bullet casings... the responding officers were understandably unsure as to what kind of situation they were facing. So, officers established a perimeter around the house and tried to communicate with Lovato who was inside, according to the Daily Miner.

During the entire ordeal, Lovato says he was blissfully taking a nap inside, the Daily Miner reports. He had no idea that he had caused such a huge commotion.

Eventually, police broke into the house and found Lovato on a couch in the back of the house. According to Lovato, he had slept through the entire ordeal, even though officers had used loudspeakers to try to communicate with him, reports the Daily Miner.

The end result? Lovato pled guilty to a count of discharging a gun unlawfully within city limits and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 3 years of probation, the Daily Miner reports.

Got to watch those improper firearm discharges within city limits. A little anger management can really go a long way.

The sentence seems a bit excessive and probably has more to do with the standoff than the shooting of the car itself.

Typically, your car isn't going to work any better with bullet holes in it. Next time I suggest giving it a good swift kick, or for more satisfaction take the tire iron out of the trunk and give the car a good beating, that'll teach it.

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