Sunday, July 31, 2011

1911 Range Report and prep for GSSF match

The day began with the family going to the West Bloomfield Art Show as the temperature reached 100 degrees.

We saw lots of art on display, much of it very talented indeed, especially in the area of photography, as well as some impressive pottery pieces.

Abby was enthralled with an 8x10 picture of a bee on a flower and she persuaded us to buy it for her room. Funnily enough, she described it to the photographer as the bee picture and he wasn't quite sure which one it was until she brought it to him. He stated he calls it after the flower in the picture as he had taken the picture meaning to focus on the flower but the bee wouldn't leave, and since it stayed still he took the picture with it. He was impressed with her enthusiasm and even gave her a kid discount on the purchase price. Nice guy and I think he just got a customer for life.

So, tent after tent of art was set out upon the blistering concrete, with not a bit of shade to be found except within the tents themselves.

It was so hot I was inspired to artistically fry an egg on the concrete. Alas, no egg was at hand for the job.

After surviving the art show death march, we had lunch and headed home.

After experiencing so much art, I joined up with Rob and we headed to the range for a different kind of artistry, of an amateur and far more noisy sort.

The 1911, as hoped, shot very well indeed with the first eight rounds looking like this:

The new sights line up on target very nicely.

It handled 50 rounds of FMJ with no problems, ate some 50 lead semi-wadcutters reloads with aplomb, and only had some issues with the 230 gr Hydrashocks. For some reason it failed to eject the fired casing from the last round of Hydrashocks on a few magazines. It wasn't consistent and seems to have gone away by the time all 50 Hydrashoks were fired.

I then shot my Glock 19 in preparation for next week's GSSF match. I also let Rob try my Glock 17 as that is what he is going to shoot in the match. This will be my first GSSF match ever and I'm looking forward to it.

This should match should be fun. Rob was a student in one of my CPL classes and it is good to watch him improve as a shooter and challenge himself by shooting a match, and I can always stand some improvement that comes from the pressure of a match myself.

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