Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Kwame, tired of the Race Card, reaches for the Joo card

Kwame is truly the Detroit Democrat that just keeps on giving.

Michigan Citizen: Kwame Kilpatrick was victim of Jewish conspiracy, says Kwame Kilpatrick

If you thought Kwame Kilpatrick’s downfall was the result of his own hubris, prepare to have your mind blown by Michigan Citizen writer Zenobia Jeffries. Oh sure, Kilpatrick made some mistakes, but he was really brought down in a plot instigated by…wait for it…the Jews
The "progressive" rag the Michigan Citizen reviews Kwame's book thusly:
There’s always been somewhat of an underlying question in the midst of the Kilpatrick scandal: Who the hell did he piss off to bring this level of scrutiny?

This question could be answered in Kilpatrick’s account of visits by Detroit attorney Reggie Turner on behalf of the area’s powerful Jewish community.

I guess when your basic race card stops working, its back to blaming the Jews to regain your follower's support.

Frankly, I'm surprised Kwame didn't blame the bicyclists for his demise.


Scott said...

I understand his release has been delayed in order to transfer his parole from MI to TX. I have two things to say to that:

1. Keep him in the Pen as long as you like, fellas!

2. Hey TX - we don't ever want him back. When you're finished with him, will you send him to Nunavut, please? (I know Aaron knows where that is!)

What a flipping ... [self censored]

Aaron said...

Keep Kwame away from Nunavut!

We don't want to despoil the majestic frigid wasteland of Nunavut with his presence.

Besides, whatever did the Inuit do to deserve such a fate as Kwame being dumped on them?

I'm thinking he should be sent to Saint Helena.

If it was good enough for Emperor Napolean I, it should certainly be good enough for the likes of King Kwame.