Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Just Stop Oil Needs To Be Stopped

Nihilism often cannot be reasoned with, unless you call smacking the nihilists with a 2x4 to be reasoning. This is especially the case when it comes to environmentalist nihilists.

 The Detroit News: Climate protesters arrested after painting Stonehenge monument orange

One should note that the clean up and the damage to the environment from the spray paint, and the chemicals needed to remove them having to clean up after these tantrums by these "environmentalists" are harming the environment, not to mention a monument made of natural materials that has stood there for thousands of years, the very thing they claim to be all about protecting.

It's a sad commentary that these "protesters" are most likely rather privileged and wealthy ideologues.  Privileged and wealthy ideologues who have become so wealthy and privileged due to the very surplus and profits created by the same civilization and scientific advances they now despise and wish to destroy.

At some point Just Stop Oil and the other proggy enviro whackos need to be declared hostis humani generis and dealt with accordingly.


Matthew W said...

Organized terrorists.....
Need to be treated as such.

Aaron said...

Matthew W: It does fit the definition of terrorism of using violence to create fear in a population in the attempt to achieve a political goal, so you're exactly right.

B said...

ID the police would just let the crowd beat the shit out of them, then these protesters would be an example for the rest and such acts would stop quickly.