Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Back From CYTZ

On Sunday we had a big family gathering and it was a lot of fun, Good to see quite a few relatives I haven't seen since pre-Covid,

So Monday, I said goodbye to everyone and got things in order to depart back to the USA.

I did the weather brief and while the wind was whipping at CYTZ it was nice and calm at Pontiac.  

I filed the electronic advanced notice, and then called CBP at Pontiac to notify them and have them approve the arrival.

I then filed gthe flight plan basically as a reverse of my journey there along a T-route:  Olamo-T781-Adrie-KPTK (Pontiac Airport). Nice and simple and it was approved.

I then got on the subway and headed to Union Station where I caught the shutle bus to Toronto Island Airport.

I then took the tunnel under the lake to the airport.

Then I went to the FBO, Stolport and paid my fuel and parking bill, and got prepared to depart. Very nice FBO and they were quite helpful.

After the preflight I started up the plane and contacted Ground.

Ground stated my flight plan had been changed.

And it was, a lot.

I then copied the clearance:  PERL.4 Departure, DERLO Transition, PICUP, OKLND ONE  Arrival.

Fun.  Thankfully, I had read the PERL.4 departure already just in case that morning and had an idea what it was.

I had to take some time programming the GPS and reviewing the route and then was ready to go.

I taxi'd to the run up area.  There were vehicles in it, which was kinda weird. Ground confirmed I was where I should be, so I did my run up, made sure all was well, and then taxi'd to Runway 26 and got a takeoff clearance.

I took off in a 15-20 gusting wind from 310, but that was fine.

As I began the PERL.4 Departure procedure, which calls for a left turning climb to 3,000 feet to EMDOS over the lake, they amended it and had me fly 210 for a bit for traffic which took me further over the Lake.

Since I'm single engine I'd rather be in easy gliding distance of land at all times if I must be over water.

They soon had me climb to 4,000, then 5,000, then 6,000, and turned me on course to continue the procedure to the transition and be on my way.  

At 6,000 there were some clouds so I got some actual IMC time.

I was in and out of IMC  but most of the time was in visual conditions. Toronto Island passed me to Toronto Terminal, and then to Toronto Control.  All very friendly folks.

The ride was very smooth, even when I was in IMC, so I even had beverage service on the flight:

Don't worry people, it's flavored water.

Crossing the border was a non-issue.

Got handed off to Selfridge just beforehand, then to Detroit Approach shortly thereafter, and I asked for the RNAV 27L and got told to go direct to LEHRA.

I then did a great approach, but it doesn't count as it was VMC conditions, and a really nice landing, probably my best one in awhile.  Likely because nobody noticed. 

I then went to the CBP inspection area at the south side of the airport by the terminal, and it was a non-issue.  I shut down, gave the officer my passport, answered a few questions, and was sent on my way.

I then got to taxi across Runways 27L and 27R and back to the hangar I went.

Total time from start to shut down was 2.0 exactly.

That was a very fun trip, my first international flight I've now flown,  and traveling by air to Toronto is now my preferred method. A definite time saver, and a lot of fun, even if the landing fee and parking fees add up.

That's 2.0 and 1 great landing.


B said...

And that's why we work so hard for that license!
Time saved and less hassle.

Aaron said...

B: That is for sure, it's a huge time saver, fun, and a new challenge all in one.

Old NFO said...

Nicely done! And preplanning is ‘good’ too!