Thursday, February 02, 2023

The Case Of The Missing Gangsta Rappers

The Detroit News:  3 aspiring rappers headed to a Detroit club. They haven't been seen since'

Apparently turning your life around after prison while remaining in the rap scene can be dangerous to your health.   

All three men heading to do some rappin' disappeared somewhere in Detroit and haven't been seen since.  The car was found in the possession of a juvenile who had stolen it apparently after they had already gone missing.

The Detroit News story notes that all three met each other in prison, which they were in for such trivial and commonplace felonies as armed robbery, carjacking, drug dealing, and gang related crimes, and they decided to go do rap together.

Its certainly rare for three adults to completely up and disappear, even in Detroit.

Update: The case has unfortunately ended as most would expect it would end: 

The Detroit News: Bodies of missing two rappers, friend found under debris in vacant Highland Park apartment building


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

A minor correction: Being a rapper with a fiance is hazardous to one's health.

If memory serves, every rapper who assumes ambient temperature ALWAYS is engaged to a woman he is about to her mind, was as good as married to.

We will know they are ded when they show up.

pigpen51 said...

Joe, that is how they register to vote, isn't it? Post the death notice in the newspaper of record, and they are automatically registered to vote, and a registered Republican, so the Democrats can run the Republican against their candidate that they think they have the easiest time beating.

B said...

"The Thug Life chose me...."

Yeah, sure. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Old NFO said...

No real surprise. That is a 'cutthroat' lifestyle in more than one way.