Tuesday, February 07, 2023

In A Desperate Move To Avoid A Tax Cut Whitmer Resorts To Outright Bribery

Our Dear  Governor Whitmer is stating she will send a check for $180 to each taxpayer - thereby reducing the budget surplus in order to avoid the automatic tax cut to be applied to ALL taxpayers of Michigan should the biudget surplus remain as it is.

Except she actually isn't even going to send a $180 check to each Michigan taxpayer.

The Detroit Free Press: Gov. Whitmer proposal: A $180 check for each Michigan taxpayer

She's claiming she will do it, but the details of this part of her plan deliberately  shafts quite a few Michigan working taxpayers - namely married ones:

One check would be issued for each income tax filing in 2023, so a couple filing jointly would receive one $180 check, not two, a spokesman said.  

So sorry married workers, if both of you work and pay taxes, one of you doesn't count. Thus Gov half-Whit can't even tell more than a half-truth about her plan to dole out your tax money.

But wait, no need to worry there government-jilted spouse, your $180 will go to someone else, someone who doesn't even pay income taxes!

Also, those eligible to file income tax returns but who do not owe any taxes to the state would still be eligible for a check, a spokesman said.

Read that again, if you're married and you both pay taxes, only one of you will get the credit, but if you're single and you don't owe any income taxes, you can get $180 just by filing.  

Why Democrats like to penalize marriage so much is a mystery, isn't it?

Why they like to give money away to their stalwart supporters is not.

Meanwhile her proposal also moves to exempt public pensions from being subject to income tax, to further reward her support base of public employees versus others with 401Ks, and some private pensions.

Picking winners and losers indeed, rewarding her base, and stopping universal tax relief for all Michigan taxpayers - that's her plan.


pigpen51 said...

I had to file taxes for the last time this year, due to my wife getting her insurance from the marketplace. Next year I don't anticipate filing taxes. I won't file them for any 180 dollar check since it costs us 90 dollars for our accountant to file them.
Of course, next year, we could likely file them ourselves. But not for a $180 bribe to let the Democrats to ignore the law and use excess money to pay for pet Democrat projects.

Old NFO said...

No real surprise... Gotta prop up the base.