Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sig P365X - An EXcellent Pocket Carry Pistol

Got a SIG P365X in July and have been using it ever since.

With 12+1 rounds of 9mm in the XFrame, it fits the hand well and fits and conceals easily in a DeSantis Nemesis holster in a front jeans pocket even with the red dot.  It also fits nicely in a Phlster Pro holster for appendix carry when I'm not wearing jeans.

Even better, with a MagGuts spring and follower, you get 14+1 in the magazine in a very compact yet very shoot-able package, which is pretty darn amazing capacity for such a small pistol. It's pretty much my favorite and most carried pistol at this point as its both convenient in sub-compact size yet still offers a  compact pistol's capacity.

It came with the SIG Romeo Zero Elite mounted.  The Romeo Zero Elite  is a very nifty compact sight and fits well with my idea of red dotting all the things. 

The sight is very easy to acquire form the draw, and the circle dot makes for very easy target acquisitions and fast transitions between targets. No problems shooting A-Zones at 25 yards, and transitions from A-Zones at 10 yards to 7 yards and back is fast and easy.

The only drawback is that the battery life of the SIG Romeo Zero Elite quite simply sucks.  The sight is aptly names as Zero as that's about the average battery life experienced.

The battery that came installed in the sight lasted about two weeks.  I chalked that up to a possibly old battery and the firearm moving around in shipping etc, and I swapped it out. Of course, to change the battery, just like the RMR, you have to remove the sight from the slide.

I then put in the new in wrap battery that came in the package with the SIG, and that lasted about a month. 

I replaced it with a newly purchased Duracell and that lasted all of thirty-eight days.

Just replaced that yet again yesterday and will be contacting SIG as it appears the sight is defective because this is sure not a 20,000 hour sight as advertised.  Instead, it is averaging less than 800 hours even with the sight shutting itself off automatically with the MOTAC system with no movement. That's three battery changes in less than a total of 4 months.

The MOTAC system works nicely and the sight does come right back up when the firearm is moved but it doesn't seem to save the battery much life, if at all.  Meanwhile I can leave an RMR on full time for a year and no problems.

On the upside, the sight returned to zero exactly even after being removed each and every time. It also has night sights on it that are pretty much co-witnessed so shooting through the window even if the sight is not functioning is very doable.

Further downside:  What idiot decided to use Allen keys as the screw head for mounting the sight? Allen keys suck and tend to strip.  They also tend to lack bits that fit in a torque screwdriver to set the screws at the required 9-inch pounds.  SIG really should have used a Torx head for the screws at the very least.

Overall, aside from the battery life issue of the sight and the terrible idea of using Allen keys for screw heads, the pistol has been great and reliable.  Over 400 rounds through so far with zero failures including 100 rounds of Speer Gold Dots.

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