Thursday, September 20, 2018

How About No - Wayne County Councilman Proposes Ammo Restrictions

Yet another reason why Michigan's state level preemption on firearms law is a good thing.

The Detroit Free Press:'Bullet bill' would make ammo more expensive, harder to get

It's the old, Sure there's a right of the free press, but we can level a 1,000% tax on printing ink dodge. That really doesn't work.

Davis' "bullet bill" ordinance would build a new structure for purchasing ammunition around law enforcement approval. Potential buyers would need to undergo a mental illness background check with their local police department or the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. They would also need approval for each purchase – except at gun shows, where showing a certificate of a previous mental illness check would be sufficient.

Finally, the ordinance would raise taxes on ammunition and use the funds for gun safety and gun rights education – teaching "about the second amendment, about how to use a gun safely and about gun violence," Davis said.

Police departments and Sheriff's offices of course don't do mental background checks nor assessments, nor are they qualified to do so.

Of course, the councilman tries to portray himself as a pro-gun rights person who changed his mind due to a personal tragedy.

But before 2001, Davis admits, "had a fetish with guns. I had sniper rifles, double barrel sawed-offs, glocks," he said.

Really, I doubt this claim of his. I'd love to see if he had any NFA paperwork for those "double barrel sawed-offs", or is he admitting to committing some federal felonies?

Then again, Mr. Davis may not be doing this due to a personal tragedy but due to a personal failing of his own. He seems to have a rather violent streak himself, of a domestic violence kind and likely lost his guns due to that rather than any concern over the loss of his brother: Detroit politician admits to threatening woman, denies hitting another

Mr. Davis, based on his own acts should certainly be subject to some existing firearm and ammunition restrictions. Those of us who have not committed crimes, not so much.

Indeed if the PPOs against him are still active, there's yet another reason why he can't legally possess a gun, which may again explain why he wants gun control against law-abiding citizens. Easier to hit unarmed women after all, right Reggie?

In short his proposal is political pandering at its worst - claiming to take on the NRA knowing state law prevents his bill in the first place and portraying someone with a history of domestic violence as doing something about crime.

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