Monday, September 24, 2018

TOM2018 - The Amazing Sean Tucker In The Oracle Challenger III

To say that Sean Tucker is a master aerobatic pilot would be a massive understatement.

Hammerhead rolls, loops, inverted maneuvers by the ton, and many more thrilling maneuvers were done and he made them all look easy.

Sean Tucker is the only pilot to perform a triple ribbon cut during a show. He flies through the ribbons, which are only 25 feet off the ground, at speed in a right knife-edge for the first ribbon, then left knife-edge, and finally inverted.

Here he zooms in toward the ribbon hanging between the poles, then  turning to make a knife-edge approach.

   He then snaps over to cut the ribbon in a knife-edge pass (Click to embiggen, I rather like this shot that I got just as he hit the ribbon):

All passes were low, fast, and perfect ribbon cuts. He didn't miss at any time.

Later, he landed with ease and taxi'd on by, waving to the audience to thunderous and well-deserved applause.

The incredible custom-built Oracle Challenger III is being donated by Sean Tucker to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

An Amazing talent and a thrilling aerobatic display.


drjim said...

He performed at the last "Planes of Fame" airshow we went to.

I couldn't believe some of the stunts he did, but when you have the kind of power-to-weight ratio that plane does, you can do some pretty stupendous things.

Old NFO said...

PRetty little bird! And a serious upgrade from the 'old' Pitts Special, which is where all these bird come from!