Friday, September 07, 2018

TOM2018: The B17s

The Yankee Air Museum's Yankee Lady took to the skies as soon as the weather was decent to give rides, and then took a beak from giving rides and made some passes just for the airshow.

In addition to the Yankee Lady, The Commemorative Air Force had brought their own B17 to the show - Texas Raiders.

Both B-17s Did a simulated bombing run on the World War 2 reenactment that was taking place.

Some nice close shots as they both came in for landings. Yankee Lady then kept flying the rest of the day giving rides:


drjim said...

They're quite grand to see fly past. I can just imagine 1,000 of them coming at me.

A favorite at the Planes of Fame airshow is a fly-by of a B-17 escorted by several P-51's.

The sound is just glorious......

Aaron said...

drjim: They do make quite an impression flying by, and you're right about the sound, it's awesome.