Sunday, September 09, 2018

At The Renaissance Faire

Many a store would accept not only coins of the realm, but cards of note as well:

As such delicious turkey legs were eaten.

The children sipped upon cider while the adults enjoyed some mead.

Then off to see more sights.

There were birds of prey:

Verily, there were armored beasts:

And a viking settlement and smith demonstration:

The helm, along with the chainmail was made by the smiths.

Jugglers with wands of fire

There were feats of skill on the tourney fields:

Rings Speared from posts:

Rings caught after being thrown in the air:

And There Was Jousting:

The winner and tourney champion was Sir Edward:

Then it began to rain and having seen all there was to see, we headed for the car and home.

It 'twas a grand time indeed.


Old NFO said...

Those are fun, for a few hours. I cannot imagine trying to actually DO anything in a real set of armor.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, the kids enjoyed it for awhile, mainly it's fun to people-watch. Thankfully for those wearing armor, it was a cool and crisp day, and not sweltering. Spending all day in a full suit of armor would be no fun at all.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

Verily, in elder ages, ye knights, were not adorned wi’ armour day long, only in battle or jousting. Palfreys carried sir knight to ye battlefield, while ye armour was carried by a charger or in a dray.