Saturday, September 01, 2018

The Michigan State Fair

The Michigan State Fair is this weekend.

We headed there Friday afternoon, taking one of Leah's friends along with us.

There were prize-winning crops on display:

There were many cute animals.

Lots of judging and showing of the animals was going on. You could tell the exhibitors all cared for their animals and had a lot of pride in them.

Leah, her friend, and Abby all participated in a hat decorating contest. Leah won first prze in her age division with eah's fiend taking third and Abby winning third in her division.

After hat decorating there was much more to see and do.

There was a statue of a cow made out of butter. A lot of butter.

We sampled various samples of food and bought some meat sticks. I got venison and elk and they were quite good indeed.

The Shriner Circus, going on at the fair for over a hundred years now, really stepped up its game this year.

From an aerobatic horse rider who leapt off a horse, through a ring of fire, to land back on the horse:

To an amazing juggler:

To elephants:

A death-defying act over a rotating contraption high in the air, including skipping rope while walking it, sans safety net.

Of course, the kids were there for the rides and the unlimited chocolate milk:

Magic Carpet

The hang glider ride, which is a family favorite:

The swing:

The orbiter - rotating around in multiple directions at once.

Getting off of the Orbiter, they were actually staggering around, it messed with their inner ear very nicely.

However, there was one ride they abjectly refused to go on, and I can't say I blame them.

It was a grand time indeed and the kids had a fantastic time.

Pretty amazing how Leah is an absolute no-quit, nothing scares her ride-goer now.   Of course she didn't want to back out in front of her friend who is also an adrenaline junkie so they kind of pushed each other beyond their normal ride comfort zones. It was all good. We then went out to dinner and came back home. After all that they were completely exhausted.

The Fair is well worth checking out this Labor Day weekend.


Old NFO said...

Looks like fun was had by all!

Tam said...

I heart State Fairs so much. :)

Aaron said...

Old NFO: fun was indeed had by all, that's for sure.

Tam: Yes, State Fairs are pretty special. I've seen your pics from the Indiana State Fair, and they really gave the flavor of the event.

pigpen51 said...

I have never been to the Michigan state fair, but we often have gone to area county fairs, and they are always a blast. Muskegon county fair, Newaygo, Oceana county county county county county county fairs and when my kids lived in Scottville, the Mason county fair.
We experienced the same kinds of things, the animal judging, tractor pulls, food galore, a Miss Mason county that my daughter was in the running of one year, just a whole lot of neat small town fun.
Of course, the judging of the best pie, the best canned asparagus, the best pickles, the best canned peaches, and applesauce, etc . All of this plus 4 H judging. It was all just a great thing for the kids and the older people alike.
Of course, a band at dusk, after the demolition derby. One year they brought in some of the WWE wrestlers, that of course was a big draw for the rednecks up our way. ( We didn't stay for them).
A lot of this is teaching these kids responsibility, with the 4 H kids raising the animals from young ones and then selling them after the fair. Plus, it gets some of these folks together who would not otherwise see each other hardly at all. Just a lot of fun, for hard working farmers, and us city folks.