Monday, November 14, 2016

Did Their Mothers Never Teach Them Not To Play In Traffic?

Let's see, special snowflakes block a freeway, at night, wearing dark clothing and only occasionally shining little lights, with oncoming cars approaching at highway speeds - what could possibly go wrong?

Well, this:

Stupidity tends to hurt, and blocking traffic because you're upset with an election result tends to be the very definition of stupid.

At the very least, the Detroit Police Department announced they will arrest anyone blocking freeways in the city which should cut down on some of this silliness coming out of Wayne State University, and the Michigan State Police has made a similar announcement.


ProudHillbilly said...

Chlorine. Gene pool.

Murphy's Law said...

My Wayne State better not be doing that stupid stuff. Not after I got arrested there for protesting IN SUPPORT OF the Gulf War back in my day.

OK, I actually got snarfed up for hitting a leftist protester with a snowball and telling two plainclothes cops to piss off when the tried to stop me from throwing another one, but was a fun free-for-all for a few minutes and totally worth it. And no charges came of it so I'd do it again, or at least I would if I didn't hold a security clearance these days.

Aaron said...

PH: Yep, if you're gonna be dumb, don't do it while blocking traffic.

ML: Yep its the special snowflakes pouring out of WSU kicking this off, hopefully the Wayne State police crack down on it before one of these idiots gets themselves killed.