Tuesday, November 08, 2016


The entire process took 25 minutes and would have been quicker had some people ahead of me, who had indeed voted before in their lives, still not understood how to fill in circles beside the candidate of their choice. This required an exhaustive explanation from the poll worker including how to circle for straight ticket and to choose the non-partisan choices on the back.

There were also two nitwits in front of me who kept going out of line to look at the example ballot on the wall, come back into the line, and then go off to look at the ballot again trying to decide who to vote for as they still had no clue. Yes, their vote -- whatever it was they settled on -- counts as much as yours.

Finally got through the line, received my ballot, filled it out accordingly and civic duty however reluctantly is done. This election has been a red-hot mess.

Might as well close it out with a final thought:

Today, no matter which candidate wins the election, may justice prevail; may hope prevail; may peace prevail; and may the United States of America prevail.

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