Thursday, November 10, 2016

Special Snowflakes Sure Are Fragile

Yes, Facebook is still going full bug-house nuts with the wailing and passive-aggressive threats of disappointed Hillary voters.

College campuses not to be outdone as bastions of leftist group-think have gone into emergency mode to counsel the many special snowflakes aggrieved by the loss.

Michigan's bastions of higher ed are no exception with their supposed leaders of tomorrow reaching for their binkies and crayons to cope with the loss the media told them could not happen.

PJ Media: U. of Michigan Gives Students Play-Doh, Coloring Books to Cope With Trump

Yes, Play-Doh and crayons for students paying tuition of $28,776 plus taxpayer subsidies per year for undergrad at an elite university.

Freep: MSU hosting events for students devastated by Trump win

Michigan State is one of at least two colleges in Michigan dedicating staff and resources to help students and faculty deal with the outcome of the presidential election.

Around 300 people attended and many shared their fears and anxieties of a Trump presidency at the Eli Broad College of Business Wednesday night in an event organized by college administrators.

Counselors and staff at the University of Michigan-Flint were made available Wednesday to address student concerns, and students at colleges across the country, including UCLA and the University of Texas-Austin, marched and protested Wednesday.

Wednesday event, hosted by MSU’s Office of Student Affairs and Services, is one of three MSU-sponsored events planned. On Monday and Tuesday, the MSU Union will have “healing spaces” where students will have the opportunity to discuss how the campus community can come together after a long and divisive election season.

Your parents paying $14,880 a year for your tuition and all they got was a participation trophy.

The Spartans of old are spinning in their graves to think their descendants bearing their names have come to this.

Funnily enough, I don't recall news of any such sessions being held in 2008 or 2012. Conservatives must be made of sterner stuff.

Good to know their logo from 2000 still works:


Unknown said...

Remember when Conservatives went wild and rioted?,,,, Oh wait we are the adults in this society.

Murphy's Law said...

I don't think that you'll see many business majors crying...or science majors, or engineering students. No, it'll be the social work students, the education majors, the womyns' studies grad students and other perpetually-aggrieved losers who are typically on degree tracks to underemployment courtesy of useless majors like Philosophy or Ethnic Studies that these schools offer so that dim-bulb snowflakes can get degrees too without having to learn such hard concepts as math or science.

Old 1811 said...

I was in college in 1972 when Nixon was reelected. I remember quite a bit of grumbling and unhappiness (the Vietnam War was still going on and the 1-S deferment had been abolished, plus most of the professors were unabashed McGovernites who openly campaigned for him in class), but even the most liberal students didn't demand grief counseling.
Even liberal crybabies were better people back then.

Old NFO said...

Good one! So stealing that graphic! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, even when I was there only in the early 90's, it was nothing like it seems today.

Aaron said...

Jay: Yep no riots in 2008 or 2012, no blocking traffic, no cry-ins, no college counseling sessions - good times.

ML: Pretty much. Math after all, is hard.

Old 1811: That was back in the days before participation trophies and an MSM that had guaranteed they would win.

Od NFO - Please do!

flagunblog: They've unfortunately made the stakes in a Presidential election far higher than ever before with resultant tantrums when they lose. After all after having the MSM in the tank, weaponizing the IRS, politicizing the Justice Department, and increasing the power of the executive while painting their opponents as racist, sexist troglodytes, it's no wonder they're losing their minds over the loss and the thought of their opponents getting the keys to the partisan machine they've created.