Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Likely Photoshop Killer For The Consumer Photo Processing Market

Now out for Mac in a production release but now also available in a free Windows Beta version, Affinity Photo is likely going to give Adobe Photoshop a run for the amateur and prosumer/hobbyist photo processing market.

It's pretty darn impressive what this beta can do, and it is pretty darn intuitive.

Like all Betas there are some issues, such as the export photo option which is how you get your processed photo out of the program and ready for use. However, after choosing .jpg it seems to only give the option to export to Affinity photo format, which would be rather useless. Not so, just name it with a .jpg filename ending and it works fine. Hopefully they'll fix that in the next release.

You can go from this:

To this in about 30 seconds:

Not bad at all.

There's a lot of excellent features in Affinity Photo and it looks very promising indeed.

At a 49.99 price point for software you keep and install locally and not subscribe to, I expect it will give Adobe Photoshop some fierce competition in the hobbyist market once it is released in a production version.

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