Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oh, That Media Bias

A brilliant video illustrating the impressive amount of media bias going around concerning the recent terrorist attacks in Israel.

The video brilliantly answers what it would look like if all terrorist attacks were reported in such a fashion?

Watch and find out:

What if the media reported every terrorist attack the same way they reported terrorist attacks against Israel? Video Sparks created this video to show you what the headlines would read:

Posted by StandWithUs on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nicely done by Stand With Us and Video Sparks.

Note for a current example the Detroit Free Press headline today reporting on 3 separate stabbing attacks today where the attackers were killed: Israelis kill 3 Palestinians as violence surges. Note since I posted this the headline has now been modified to say "Israelis kill 4 Palestinians as violence surges" (That's a 25% increase in bias in the headline!), as there was a further attack thwarted.

Yes, that media bias indeed.


Old 1811 said...

Why would a soldier shoot a dead teen?
This isn't new. When I was in Miami in 1981, I saw a headline on the old Miami News, the afternoon counterpart of the Herald. (Like most afternoon papers, it's long gone.)
The story was about a teenager who was driving around Miami late at night looking for someone to rob. He spotted a couple getting out of a car in a driveway. He confronted the couple and announced a robbery, whereupon the male victim produced a Chiefs Special and shot him. The bullet severed his spinal cord.
The headline? "High School Wrestling Star Shot, Paralyzed."

Aaron said...

Old 1811: Yes indeed you're right that this type of bias has a long history. At least now we get the context from other sources and can actually see that it is in fact bias and not mere factual reporting as claimed.

As to why a soldier would shoot a dead teen, according to the MSM and their fellow-travelers, there is no evil to which an Israeli or for that matter an American soldier might not stoop.