Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday Networking - At The Range

Yesterday morning I was able to do a fun networking event.  Instead of golf or a mixer with a crowd of people, the business networking group I'm a part of met up at my range for a shooting event.

Lots of safe fun ensued, and we had the range all to ourselves.

We shot at the pistol range first, I had brought a few different 9mm pistols for people to try. My Smith & Wesson M&P 9, my Inglis Hi Power, and the HK P30.  I had the plate rack going and some paper and a popper and supervised people shooting. 

 A client of mine Ed of Wicked Grips had also come to the event and he brought some nice customized firearms with him.  He's a custom grip maker and some of his grips have appeared in various films. If you want some very cool grips for your 1911 or Beretta, and lots of other cool stuff, checkout

He had some cool Smith Revolvers including a a Jerry Miculek 45 ACP custom job that was a dream to shoot, and a custom 8-shot .357 Smith that was incredible to shoot.

Here's Steve shooting the 8 shot .357. He's a new shooter and had a great time.

At the rifle range we shot my Tavor, 300 Blackout, The SAR-1 AK and Mighty Mite, my AR-15 pistol.

Here's Dave shooting my 300 Blackout AR. It's nice and quiet with subsonic ammo and it rang the hanging steel plates with a louder noise than the shot itself. I let everyone give it a try and there was a lot of grins going around when each person had shot their allotted rounds.

Might Mite was a crowd pleaser, between the loud muzzle blast and huge flame with each shot along with a satisfying ping as each round hit the swinging steel plates it was a lot of fun for people to shoot.

For example, here's Ed shooting a round from Mighty Mite

 Ed brought along a Bushmaster ACR, which was a really sweet shooting 5.56 rifle. My first time trying one out and it was quite nice indeed.

For fun Ed and I shot pistols at 100 yards. I shot the P30, and more often than not, I could hit the steel plates from standing offhand. Likely a lot of luck was involved, but it was neat to push my ability and try to ring the steel plates at that distance. 

That's 120 more rounds through the Tavor with no issues.

That's also another 250 rounds through the P30 with no cleaning and no issues except unfailing reliability for 800 rounds now.

Everyone had a great time at the range and it was a very successful networking event indeed. 


Spikessib said...

Yay! The perfect place for social networking. Fun for all.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a fun event, and glad it went off well! :-) Steels DO produce grins! :-D

Aaron said...

Spikessib: Yes, it was much more fun than golf and everyone had a great time and they all want to do it again.

Old NFO: That it was, and it went off great. Steel does indeed produce big grins. I think it's the instant feedback of knowing you're right on the target, along with that sweet pinging sound.