Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Anti-NRA Calumnies From The Detroit Free Press

In an incident last week, a female CPL holder opened fire at two fleeing felon shoplifters at a home depot. No one was injured in the crime nor in her misguided intervention. Said shooter is now being charged with a misdemeanor count of reckless discharge of a firearm.

Dipping into other people's fights is never a good idea. Using deadly force to protect property is not allowed in Michigan. Furthermore, dipping into a non-violent crime in progress by cranking off some rounds at a fleeing criminal when it is not even you're stuff they're taking and they're not posing a deadly threat to you or others is a really bad idea.

In short, this particular CPL holder had bad judgment and luckily no innocent was harmed.

With all that being said, Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy "Know-Nothing" Kaffer couldn't resist form making some untrue gratuitous swipes at the NRA and gun owners in general:

How can you blame her?

When Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez shot at a fleeing shoplifter's tires in a Home Depot parking lot last week, she was only doing what she'd been told, time and again, from people like National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre to presidential candidate Ben Carson: The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Or, I suppose, an alleged bad guy with what appeared to be stolen hardware goods.

Funny Nancy, the NRA has never advocated using deadly force to protect other person's property or stolen hardware goods.

Nor does Wayne LaPierre or Ben Carson saying truthfully that "The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." even apply here. After all the shoplifters were unarmed.

You're reaching quite a bit too far there Nancy.

The instructions CPL holders should receive in those classes contradict the vigilante ethos pushed by LaPierre, Carson and others, who have, in the wake of repeated school shootings, argue that if only more people were armed, the shooters could have been stopped.

Say Nancy, do you know who produces the most used class in Michigan for CPL instruction, including appropriate use of deadly force? That's right Nancy, your claimed pushers of the "vigilante ethos", The NRA.

The non-sequiturs flow fast and thick in this article. What exactly do in progress shootings in gun-free zones have to do with a lady improperly engaging a couple of fleeing shoplifters? Oh right, nothing at all except in Nancy's fevered mind.

Next up Nancy will be caliming that the American Automobile Association for advocating for highway funding is clearly trying to have people speed through red lights and steal cars. That follows just about as well.

But it's folly to think that any short training course could prepare a civilian to make the kind of life-and-death, in-the-moment decisions that sometimes stymie even highly trained law enforcement officers. Or that such training could hold in the heat of a tense moment. This narrative of necessary vigilantism places an unfair burden on private citizens.

My bet is Nancy thinks the average officer gets more training in use of force than they actually do. Indeed Nancy doesn't seem to consider the fact that trained CPL holders as a group tend to get it far more right than wrong in self-defense situations and commit fewer crimes than the average citizenry. Nor is there any "narrative of necessary vigilantism" but thanks for the concern trolling and making that up there Nancy.

The folly here is that Nancy has likely never taken a CPL class and knows not what she is talking about.

"It would have been much more helpful for (Duva-Rodriguez) to take out her cellphone and shoot pictures of the shoplifter’s license plate," Cooper said.

That's the truth. I wish someone had bothered to tell her.

I'm sure, assuming she did in fact take a legitimate CPL class, that her CPL class instructor and the attorney or law enforcement officer teaching the legal portion of her CPL class did indeed provide such an instruction and guidance. That she failed to heed it is on her as an individual and she will answer for it.

Nancy, however, to support her anti-gun narrative felt the need to take this example of one misguided CPL holder and use it to bash the NRA and Ben Carson with an article full of lies and non-sequiturs.


ProudHillbilly said...

I was quite clearly told in my (NRA) approved class that if there's not a physical threat you let them take the money/property and leave.

ProudHillbilly said...

I was quite clearly told in my (NRA) approved class that if there's not a physical threat you let them take the money/property and leave.