Saturday, October 17, 2015

Well, That Sucks.

So this morning I awake and confirm the forecast from last night - winds at 5 knots right on 270 degrees, a layer of scattered clouds at 5,000 feet, and it should be a perfect day for flying.

And it certainly is - the sky is a beautiful clear blue, very few clouds way high up and the day looks perfect for a flight.

So I drive out to the airport all happy, even with two idiots going 43 mph in both lanes to block them on a 50 mph road with no traffic in front of them just to be cute. Whatever. Still in a good mood and ready to fly.

I get to the airport and notice N73455 is not where it normally sits. I check in at the desk and find out I'm now not on the schedule and N73455 got taken in for maintenance last night apparently due to a blown tire. People need to stop blowing tires when I'm scheduled to fly, it's rather rude of them.

There had been an email from their scheduling system this morning but it glitched and instead of cancelling the lesson it instead confirmed I was scheduled, so I went to the airport just to find out I was not flying on this beautiful day today.

Annoyed and disappointed I am.

2 comments: said...

I'm dreaming to be a pilot too.

Aaron said...

It's a challenging skill set to learn but a lot of fun occurs while doing it.