Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Fun - Paintball!

On Saturday I went to Hell with some good friends of mine.

Hell, Michigan that is, and we played some paintball at Hell Survivors which has quite an impressive set of playing fields.

We played for three hours and it was quite a bit of fun, but led to quite a bit of soreness both from paintball hits in lots of places and just running around lugging a paintball marker for hours.

Lesson 1: If you moved, you got shot.

Lesson 2: If you held in place, you got shot.

Lesson 3: Shooting back helps.

In one game, I was the last survivor of my team. While I had a decent position and was happily engaging multiples to my front, and I nailed a couple of them, but the rest were pinning me nicely in place complete with an automatic paintball gun. Since I was pinned, another couple players came around and flanked me and that was that.

We played multiple games in quite a few locations including an urban mockup that was fun with very close range action.

Some people take the game extremely seriously and have the equipment to match, but it was all in good fun and everyone was a good sport and everyone had a darn good time.

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