Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday At Birmingham's Summer Parade

Birmingham, Michigan held its summer parade on Sunday. The weather couldn't have been better for a parade - sunny but not overly hot with clear skies.

Birmingham is a small yet very tony city north of Detroit.

The theme of the parade was honoring Vietnam War veterans.

First came the city commissioners along with a nice early Ford:

Then the fire trucks with sirens wailing and lights flashing:

Next came a contingent of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, led by the Sheriff himself.

Included in the procession was the Dive Team:

Next was an Honor Guard of Vietnam Era vets, who marched to some very loud applause.

Many more Vietnam veterans organizations marched by.

Some vets drove:

Classic cars were also in the parade:

As was a classic fire truck:

And a classic ambulance:

Marching bands:

A unicycle team:

And, you can't have a parade these days without some demonstrators:

Nothing like a bunch of know-nothings yelling "No justice, no peace" and "Black lives matter" during a parade honoring Vietnam Veterans.

Once the parade ended, we wandered to the end point of the parade, a park where a quite a few of the parade participants hung out.

Among those at the park were the clowns making huge soap bubbles while on stilts:

The kids got to climb into the fire truck and look around it, which they enjoyed.

It was a great day for a quintessentially American small-town parade.

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