Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Michigan Gun Law Reforms - Now With Pneumatic Fixes

Governor Snyder has signed the air gun reform bill into law.

The Detroit News: Snyder signs bills to loosen airsoft gun restrictions

Gov. Rick Snyder has signed laws relaxing Michigan’s restrictions on BB, pellet and paintball guns.

Under bills approved Tuesday, the airsoft guns will no longer qualify as firearms under state law.

Snyder says the laws address confusion surrounding definitions of firearms and provide clarity to sportsmen and others.

In short pellet guns, bb guns, airsoft and paintball guns will no longer be classified as firearms requiring registration and users will not potentially be charged with felonies for mis-transportation.

This is a very good thing as most purchasers of these items had no idea they were considered firearms and it will make purchase of air guns much easier in the future including form out-state sellers that were previously refusing to ship air guns to Michigan.

This is a welcome and appropriate fix to what had been quite an oddity in Michigan law.


SJ said...

Sounds like good news to me.

Aaron said...

Yes, it's another positive step towards better gun laws and will prevent quite a few people from unknowingly committing felonies with air guns in Michigan.