Monday, May 11, 2015

Holy Roller

Victoria Park in London, Ontario has a tank.

Holy Roller is an M4A4 Sherman tank. Not just any M4 Sherman tank mind you, it is one of but a handful that survived and fought from D-Day through the Northwest campaign until the end of the World War 2 in Europe. After World War 2, Canada left all its Sherman tanks in Europe to be given to the Dutch and Belgian armies except for 4 notable tanks, and Holy Roller was one of them.

Bullet and non-penetrating artillery strikes to the tank are still visible today:

A view of the other side:

The rear of the tank:

Plaques are affixed to the tank to both tell the passer-by of its significance and to commemorate the heroism of those who served in World War 2.

Holy Roller is in good shape. Her hatches are all sealed up, the machine guns removed and the cannon plugged, but there's easy access to both look closely and to climb up on the tank.

Hodie Non Cras - Today Not Tomorrow.

May their valor never be forgotten.