Friday, April 17, 2015

NRAAM First Aid For Shooters

This year Kelly of Ambulance Driver Files along with help from Murphy's Law, EMS Artifact, and Jeff B, gave his most excellent First Aid for Shooters class. The class was followed by a presentation from LawDog, who gave a short (due to room booking limitations only we could have stood to sit and gain much more wisdom from him had there been time) but very informative talk on Critical Incident stress.

Here's Kelly demonstrating the right way to do CPR, and yes he has "Staying Alive" queued up in his iPhone and ready to play should the need arise.

Quality slides helped keep the presentation moving along, and his suggestions as to what works and what's derp in the first aid realm was very helpful:

Boys! Tourniquet! - We learned how to both self-apply tourniquets and apply them on other people to stop arterial bleeding:

Here's LawDog giving his talk:

If you have an opportunity to take this class, Do It.

Kelly and his assistants are great instructors and the vital info and hands-on practice under their expert eyes may one day save your life or the life of another.

As I had taken the class last year it was a great refresher and the additional first aid kit will be put to good use as well.

Hopefully LawDog's portion of the class can be enlarged as he was very much worth listening to and I expect we would learn much, much more had there been time.

The class was also a great opportunity to give The Most Interesting Man in The World the shirt I had mentioned that was a secret:

Yes it says "The Most Interesting Dinosaur In The World". Click to embiggen and read the rest of the shirt.


Old NFO said...

Good course, and good folks! And thanks for the shirt!

Aaron said...

You're most welcome. Enjoy and wear it in good health.