Saturday, April 11, 2015

NRA AM: The Glock 43

Here at the show, I got to get a good look at the new Glock 43. Glock is definitely promoting the pistol here at the show and there's a lot of interest with a good crowd around them checking them out.

Fits the hand nicely, it is very noticeably thinner than the standard Glocks. 

So much thinner that it feels almost un-Glock-like. It fits the hand quite nicely and is just slightly bigger than my Kahr PM9 in both grip and length with a six shot capacity. The tang on the gun is nice and long for its size and let's you get a high grip on it.

Since I already have the PM9 which is a bit smaller and more concealable with 6 or 7 round magazines I don't see any need for a Glock 43 at this point.

For someone looking for a gun in the pocket category, with the appropriate pocket holster the 43 should do quite nicely. It should also do well as a thin and concealable pistol for more conventional carry.

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