Thursday, April 16, 2015

Detroit Policeman Does What?

While Drive By Shootings are know to occur in Detroit and environs, it is rather rare when one is committed by a Detroit Police Officer.

The Detroit News: Detroit officer suspended after shooting in Macomb

he Detroit officer is accused of firing five shots from a .40 caliber handgun after his wife became involved in a dispute with the homeowners, Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said in a press release.

The officer's wife provides in-home medical care to a female resident of the home, Lt. John Michalke said. The woman lives at the home with her husband.

"There was some sort of dispute between the (residents) and the female caregiver, and the caregiver went home and had a conversation with her husband," Michalke said. "He got in his car and drove over there and fired shots out of his vehicle into the front of the home."

Based on that description, there's no chance of a defense of self or others claim here. Deliberately traveling to engage in a confrontation and then firing shots at a dwelling from a moving vehicle is pretty darn hard to well-nigh impossible (think well-nigh impossible) to defend as justified.

It also may be that he used his service weapon for the shooting considering that the DPD carries .40 cal Smith and Wesson M&Ps.

Sigh. At least IMPD only drives their cars around drunk when they misbehave, DPD steps it up Detroit-style and shoots from them.

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