Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Thoughts Of A Sunny, Warmer Time: Orlando Trip T-Shirts

Now that I just spent 45 minutes scrapping the snow from the Driveway of Doom™ in thew howling wind. it's time to think back to warmer times and climes without this annoying thin layer of slippery stuff.

There were many fine T-Shirts to be seen and had in Orlando during our trip that deserve a mention:

Of course there was many a Harry Potter Shirt:

There was even a Harry Potter Shirt with a legal theme that was quite perfect:

Then, after spending a day walking around Universal Islands of Adventure, with a special attention paid to Who-ville with the kids I truly fit into this shirt:

In Downtown Disney where we went browsing, strolling and light shopping for a day there were a plethora of T-shirts that just kicked over the giggle box or were just so right and would truly fit some bloggers I know:

One for Tam:

One for Murphy's Law (Yeah, I had to buy it for him and it was part of his Christmas present):

For everyone else:

Oh, and there's one I found for Old NFO that will remain a mystery for now.


Murphy's Law said...

Wore mine to the range the other day. Cool.

ProudHillbilly said...

You are not allowed to have a PINK t-shirt. Your girls maybe, but you just aren't pink.

Aaron said...

PH: I quite agree, no pink shirts for me.

The top one is actually quite red in real life.