Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Such a Small Man Taking Up So Much Room And Air

Michael Moore sure likes drawing attention to himself, even as he comes off as a very small and petty fat man.

In an effort to put a little shine on his progressive street cred, which is rather hard to do living as  large (some would even say super-sized) and in luxury as he is, he had to open his pie hole and shourt "Hey! Look at me!" and be-clown himself regarding the success of the movie American Sniper:

Daily News: 'American Sniper' has a record-breaking opening weekend — but liberal filmmaker Michael Moore takes aim 

This couldn't have anything to do with the fact that American Sniper grossed in one weekend more than all but one of Michael more's films grossed in their entire run combined, and more than quadrupled the gross of any of even his best grossing his film's opening weekend, now could it?

A rather petulant effort from a failed "look at me" progressive.

This is of course, lest anyone forget, the same Michael Moore that was cheering for a defeat of America in Iraq and called terrorists there "minutemen", the very same terrorists that hero Chris Kyle was bagging by the score.

No wonder he's chapped at his failure compared to the success of Chris Kyle's legacy.

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