Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Crime Wave In Detroit

It's been quite the winter crime spree in Detroit, and quite the opener to the year, especially after they've claimed crime has been decreasing in Detroit.

First, on Friday two armed men robbed a nail salon, with the over 4-minute robbery captured on videotape as they grabbed items from the patrons as well as the shop owners.

The Detroit Free Press: Raw video: 14 robbed at gunpoint in Detroit nail salon

It's a rather interesting video as you see someone ordered to lower the blinds to hide the robbery from view, which could have been the opener to some very bad results.

Then on Monday, a man was shot and killed while shoveling snow in Detroit, no motive or reason discovered to date but it doesn't appear to be random.  Shooting someone while shoveling snow is just cold.

On Tuesday night a man was found shot to death on Detroit's west side.

I won't be surprised to see the crime reports for today once they're out, but the cold certainly doesn't seem to be keeping Detroit's criminal element from plying its trade, as the Detroit crime map shows the city exceeding the amount of crimes that you can even fit on the crime map.

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