Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stop The Snowy Downward Slide

Now that the snow is well and truly here, I've been shoveling the Driveway of Doom™ for what feels like everyday now and doing some decent slipping down it while doing so.  This makes for some interesting moments, the funniest when I'm doing a row with the shovel uphill and I reach the point, midway on the driveway where with the incline and slick layer of snow I cannot keep moving forward and start slipping back and it takes a lot of concentration to just stay in one place.  Doing this all winter will suck.

So, I picked up some Stabilicers Traction Cleats  on Amazon and gave them a try, and they arrived yesterday.


First impressions: Very easy to put on and remove from boots or shoes.  When I went out this morning to shovel the increase in traction was quite measurable and at the point where I was usually struggling to remain standing or make any progress uphill these helped me make it up no problem at all.

While they're not for indoor wear, if you've got a crazy driveway or are concerned about walking in snow and icy conditions they may just do the trick for you. 

We'll see how long they last, but for $12-$17 depending on your size, they're worth it, especially as they both help me clear the driveway quicker and stop me from falling while doing so.


Old NFO said...

If it saves you from landing on your butt, it's worth it!

Aaron said...

It's been worth it so far, that's for sure!