Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ah, That Liberal Media With Its Anti-Gun Messaging

Suggestive anti-gun owner headlines are often a feature of the media's stock-in-trade.

Let's look at this headline from the Detroit News:

 Detroit police: Gun owner arrested after teen shot

The headline, while arguably factually accurate is rather misleading.

You see, the "gun owner" was not, as you read the articles, the typical gun owner that you may think of when you hear the words gun owner.

The headline certainly suggests this was a law-abiding citizen legally able to own a firearm and as suggested by the headline, was then arrested apparently for something the gun owner did to lead to this tragedy with a teen being shot, or perhaps the gun owner shot the teen.

Instead the "gun owner" in question is  a convicted felon and thus not legally allowed to be a gun owner at all and is being charged as a felon in possession and for some outstanding traffic warrants.

The 13-year-old female teen was shot not by the "gun owner" but apparently while playing with the gun along with a 14-year old male friend under circumstances that are not described.

So the essence of the story - That a felon, who shouldn't even have a gun, stupidly leaves it where either his daughter finds it or her friend finds it and they then stupidly proceed along a chain of events leading to her being shot is certainly not conveyed by the headline.

No need to wonder why.

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