Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quite Impressive There Crimson Trace

So the battery that's been in the Crimson Trace Lasergrips on my Kahr PM9 since January 10, 2013 has finally given up the glow and lost enough power to be faded beyond usefulness.

So I hopped onto Amazon and picked up a Duracell DL1/3N  3V Lithium Battery, which arrived today.

Uninstalling the laser was very simple, first unloading the firearm and I'd recommend locking the slide back so there's no question that the firearm is empty while you work on it. Then, using the provided Allen key from Crimson Trace which I had carefully left, along with the original instructions, in the box the sight came in, it was simple to take the sight off the gun.

I took out the old battery, installed the new one and snapped the laser sight back onto the Kahr and screwed the two sides together locking it onto the trigger guard.  The whole process took maybe three minutes tops and the sight now works and shines bright as new.

Impressively, there was absolutely no loss of zero and the dot is exactly where it was prior to the removal of the sight.

Crimson Trace makes a darn nice product and this one has withstood regular carry and use (but not abuse) for over two years as a pocket gun and being used at the range on a regular basis, as well as being on a firearm as it is being cleaned. These grips certainly hold up well over time as well as provide a nice red dot right where you want it.

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