Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Governerd Caves And Vetoes SB 789 CPL Reform

Gov. Snyder vetoed SB 789, the bill that would have further reformed Michigan's CPL law and made it fully shall-issue.

Anti-gunners found a weak wedge issue in the bill and exploited it to the full. 

They claimed the bill would require permits to be issued to those subject to PPOS for domestic violence.

In truth the bill would not have done that and indeed, on every PPo there's a check box where the court can order the recipient of the PPO not to posses firearms.  It simply would, among other things not make it a blanket loss of gun rights should someone slap an ex-parte PPO on the person whether for domestic matters or not.

In addition, all the prohibitions on felons, those convicted of domestic violence, and any other misdemeanor in the last three years (and 8 years for a few assorted misdemeanors).

The media painted this as allowing domestic violence perpetrators to get carry permits and then commit illegal acts, failing to note that people already committing domestic violence will likely not wait to get a carry permit to do wrong.

In short, the anti-gunners and their buddies in the media distorted what the bill actually did and under the pressure Governer Snyder caved and vetoed it.

Sadly, the bill would have improved the chance of self-defense for victims of domestic abuse by letting them get expedited carry permits. 

So the legislature will likely propose new bills without that section and push them ahead for the Governor to sign and we'll see what new excuse they antis can come up with. It seems with this Governor that he folds like a cheap suit whenever gun rights are the subject and the media and the antis can drum up some hysteria.

Feh.  Well, keep calling your representative and the governor, and keep the pressure up to keep CCW reform moving in Michigan.

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Dave said...

Don't the Republicans have a veto-proof majority in both state Houses?

Are there some Repubs that wouldn't vote for an override?